Tamra Turner South Carolina PhotographerHI! I’m Tamra (aka Tamra with the Camera ;) ) I am a professional wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer in Greenville, South Carolina. My love for photography goes along with my love for people, I’m emotional, chatty, outgoing and maybe just a little bit goofy. I am the proud Mom of three awesome kids, Brendan, Zoe and Natalie, and to our two fur babies Sunny and Bindi. I love to hike, spend time with friends and travel, especially for weddings!!! Pretty much anything outdoors makes me happy. I may or may not have an addiction to mint chocolate chip ice cream, Outback cheese fries, Chick Fil A and I am always up for a visit to any one of the fabulous coffee shops in Greenville. If you are lucky enough to be in front of my camera (see what I did there ;) )you may hear me say “perfect” or “awesome” at least a hundred times. I’m obsessed with taking photos and that is no exaggeration. I love what I do and my heart is in it 100%, I truly feel that God has blessed me with this amazing artistic talent and I thank him everyday!

Experience and Style

I have been taking photos on a professional level since 2006, that is when we were blessed with the opportunity to start our own beach wedding business in Destin, Florida which we still own and operate. I have shot well over 1000 weddings over the years, and I’ve lost count of the number of photo sessions I have been blessed with. Natural light is a huge element to my photography, you won’t see me carrying around a bunch of lighting equipment to your photo shoot or wedding. I do use flash photography when needed, but strive to find the natural light in every situation. I have loved photography since I was a child and when I became a mother that love grew, I am self taught, which I believe is the best way to learn, camera in hand. I am always learning and growing because I want to continue to be the best photographer I can be!



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